HHH Concierge

Renovations, furnishing and decoration


If you want renovations or additional building done during your absence, we will be your project manager in your absence. Assist with selecting material you want and getting your approval always and within your budget. We will assist with small or major renovations and find you renowned contractors to give you quotations and manage the work from beginning to end. Our team will assist you from overseeing landscaping, bathroom, kitchen, other house renovations jobs, adding a new pool or main gate, e.t.c.

Decoration, furnishing and assembly

You can brief us on what type of Deco you want and we will work with reputable contractors to achieve your vision within budgets. Our team will buy the furniture on your behalf, arrange delivery and get our handyman to assemble the furniture. Anything from buying bed linen, curtaining, carpets, sofas, fridges, beds, pots and pans, e.t.c., we will eagerly take your brief and do this for you.


New furniture purchase and furniture hire

Do you want to renovate your property during your absence or buy new furniture, brief us and we will do the work for you. We will take your brief, budget, style, coordinate on your behalf and keep you updated every step of the way.

Renovations, alterations and building

After your brief we will work with you, search for the reputable building partner, buy the suppliers and supervise the renovation whilst keeping you informed all the step of the way.

Furniture, object and decor hire

If you do not want to buy new furniture, we have partners who can hire furniture. We will get your brief, search and place the furniture in your property.

Interior deco and furniture purchasing

HHH can co-ordinate the interior deco of your property with your constant consultation and approval. We will select renowned partners with the expertise needed to do the project and supervise the process if needed. HHH staff can purchase the furniture on your behalf, arrange assembling of all furniture and keep to your specific budget.