HHH Concierge

Property services

Property inspection and maintenance

Our staff will inspect and look after your property during your absence and manage all required maintenance, coordinate with all the service providers and verify their work. We will be your direct contact with the chosen security company and keep you informed. Whether it's regarding security, pool and garden maintenance or something as simple as the replacement of light fittings, you need not worry - our reliable service is available at your leisure.

Property rental whilst you are travelling

If you want to rent your property during your absence, we will search for tenants within our trust corporate community network and other networks to rent it. We will collect rent and manage the rentals, draw up contracts and coordinate guest check in and out. Make money when you are not staying in your property and cover repair and maintenance costs.


Garden and pool maintenance

HHH will get garden and pool specialists to look after your pool and garden. These experts can add new plants, flowers, cut overgrown trees and source other garden or pool equipment for you. Your garden will be kept in superb condition should you request this service.

Car servicing and maintenance

If you have cars in your vacation home and need special mechanical services to done, we will arrange for mechanics in the area to do this on your behalf. Our car garage partners can also make an appointment and take your car for local auto mobile association official inspections.

General property assistance

Our staff can help with TV & telephone connections, water or electricity cut off, equipment breakdown, boiler issues or any other household or community problems.

Property and individual liability insurances

Our staff will put you in touch a consultant or arrange the appropriate insurance for your property, yourself and family members and help with paperwork for insurance claims should the event arise.